The Deck House School - Edgecomb, Maine

PO Box 367, Edgecomb, Maine 04556
207-882-7055, Fax 207-882-8151
Dr. Melinda Browne
Head of School
(207) 882-7055 office
(207) 441-7418 cell
Mr. Keir Larock
Dean of Admissions
(207) 441-7412 cell
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The Deck House School is a college preparatory boarding school for twelve boys ages 14-19 who, for a variety of reasons, would benefit from our unique learning environment, in which the emphasis is on participation within a community network.

The School offers a college preparatory curriculum comparable to that of many selective boarding schools but ours is offered twelve months of the year. This is coupled with daily support and a disciplined, highly-structured community environment. The typical length of stay for a Deck House School student is 1-2 years, though shorter and longer stays are certainly possible, and Admissions is rolling throughout the entire year.


The School is located on a hill overlooking the Sheepscot River. Set on a 180-acre wooded campus, the main building is a modern rustic structure surrounded by a large upper deck that provides panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
The Deck House School